Shipping FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on China Shipping

1. How much is the shipping cost from China?

Answer: The shipping cost depends on the weight and size (CBM) of your goods and the shipping method, like by ocean or by air, FCL or LCL shipping. And there may be custom clearance and insurance charges involved based on some shipping terms.

2. How do I to pay for the shipping charges?

Answer: Our company set up the company bank account at one of the world's leading bank - HSBC (Hong kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) in Hong Kong, which can received our customers' payments conveniently and swiftly. And most of our customers can pay to our bank account from many banks in their countries easily.

3. The rates shipping from China seems high

Answer: A majority of our customers think our shipping rates are reasonable. Such complaints come from some smaller shipments, which makes the shipping charge to appear high as a percentage of the total shipment quantity. The shipping charge as a percentage of the total shipment quanity goes down significantly with increased goods amount and quantity.

4. How do I track my shipment from China with Shipping Star?

Answer: Our practice is to inform our customers by emails or phone calls in due course; or you can send your request for tracking your shipment's status at our China cargo tracking page. And in some cases, we can send you the tracking website link of the China shipping company who operates your shipments.

5. What if I'm not familiar with some shipping terms? Especially short forms.

Answer: Under this case, you can consult to our company and we will explain it to you. Or you can check for them at our Shipping Knowledge section. Basically, we use less short-form shipping terms in our email comunication with the customers. In the Shipping Knowdege section, you can also find the Incoterms 2000 explanation and Container Specification data.